« « L’Echappée Bière » : the first French travel and event agency dedicated to beers ! »

Posted on 14/06/2018 / Category Partner Actualities

As wine is related to Bordeaux, beer is the beverage belonging to the Hauts-de-France‘s history! But, this heritage is surprisingly unknown and very few people – even for those who love beer – are aware of beer history or its process making. This is the reason the Echappée Bière ‘s team offers an informal discovery of this heritage, through unusual and friendly events

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« Saint-Quentin “The Sixties, the Era of Idols” »

Posted on 04/05/2018 / Category Destinations Actualities

Welcome to the sixties!

Travel back to the 1960s in the company of pop artists photographed by Jean-Marie Périer (Salut Les Copains magazine), with fun, colorful dresses by stylist and designer Dorothée Ossart, and slide under the vintage salon hairdryers from the Zaoum theater troupe. Saint-Jacques is going to do the twist…

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